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Jay Zalowitz

Jay is a serial entrepreneur and consummate hacker (in the Developer-y kinda way). He has a long history in working in media, working at The Financial Times, and MakerMedia among others.

More recently he was the technical co-founder, head of growth, and co-editor of Hackernoon.

Aly has been spending the last couple of years being an absolutely amazing Senior Technical Product manager for multiple fourtune 500 companies, as well as founding the co-working space Dill Creative.

Aly has lead multiple open source products management and has recently published a book.

Aly Owens

Chief Puggle Officer

Zoya is the bestest girl ever. Since taking charge of happiness here at Ramblist, Zoya has insured 100% happiness among staff.

Zoya intends to further "shift the paradigm" by instituting a required belly rub and pets time taking place after snack and before naps.